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    "Honestly, of all the services I’ve ever used, Hourtrans has the best customer service. The agents worked with me in a very professional and helpful manner, even at 3 am in the morning, and got my footages transcribed in just two days, despite having many speakers and a very horrible audio quality. Thanks a lot to the team of transcription superheroes! You really did save the day! "

    Lauren Schwartz

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    Source to Target Language $7/min

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    File length upto 179 Minutes   ___ $0.99/min

    Video Transcription Services

    This is where you have a video file transcribed by a writer or transcriber to convert the verbal message into rich text detail. This is an ideal method of preserving video files for database integration or for indexing by applying search optimization techniques currently popular online.

    As keyword searches rely on text details to be inputted into an online database, to transcribe video verbatim is the best way to convert the video to text, as words are used in search engines. The texts used shall also be optimized for searchability and visibility on the Internet.

    To transcribe video is the best way to take advantage of this service to ensure that you get maximum search capability and database integration with the rich text data found in the database servers. Starting at a very low rate of only $0.69 per minute, we offer the best quality video transcription services in the industry. 


    ✓ Starting at $0.69/min
    ✓ Supports all file formats
    ✓ We Provide Notarization Certificate
    ✓ 100+ World Languages
    ✓ Fast Turn around time

    Transcribe Video

    Practically almost everyone needs this service, particularly entrepreneurs - both online and offline. For businesses, video transcription services are essential when trying to promote your products or services to a target market. It adds more value to your business as it can help you advertise your services and products through various platforms online, print and broadcast, among others. This is what makes video transcription services crucial to businesses. Expert and professional transcribers will transcribe video files based on your video file recordings.

    In the field of research and education, video transcription services can be considered another major tool that helps provide better access to information, data or even text details that are important for use in citations and references when using articles and materials. Oftentimes researchers and educators often take video files of interviews, activity or event documentations, social phenomenon and experiments, among others. This is where video transcription services come in where the video files need to be transcribed for indexing, file documentation, and research collaboration. 

    For government institutions and private corporations, video documentation services play a key role in documenting meetings and proceedings, for which video recordings are always used so that verbatim and accurate representations are made of the actual meetings, sessions, and court proceedings. This is why accuracy is very important for video transcription services. 

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    Accepted File Formats

    We accept and deliver file formats such as MOV, CD, MP2, MSV, MP3, DDS, CAF, DVD, FLV, AVI, WAV, M4A, WMA, MP4, PDF, DOC, GIF, PPT, XLS, AMR, AIFF/AIF, DVF, WMV, TIF/TIFF, CD, JPEG and more.

    Frequently Asked Questions
    • 1.Where can I find a good video transcriber?

      Look for a reputable and reliable company with a track record of providing good quality work fast.

    • 2.How can I avail of online video transcription services?

      Check us out online, we provide online video transcription services. simply upload your file and we will do the rest. Try us now and get the best results for online video transcription.

    • 3.How do I know how to compare video transcription rates?
    • Our company offers the best video transcription rates for your money. We provide certified high quality video transcription services at rates too hard to resist. Please call our 24/7 hotline or chat with any one of our online chat representatives for pricing details and special offers.