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    "Honestly, of all the services I’ve ever used, Hourtrans has the best customer service. The agents worked with me in a very professional and helpful manner, even at 3 am in the morning, and got my footages transcribed in just two days, despite having many speakers and a very horrible audio quality. Thanks a lot to the team of transcription superheroes! You really did save the day! "

    Lauren Schwartz

      US : 1-888-535-5668    UK : +44-80-8238-0078   AUS : +61-1-8003-57380

    Russian Transcription Service

    With us, you are guaranteed to save so much budget and time with our compromising the quality of your work. Our team of incredibly skilled transcribers shall do the job for you at such a surprising pace exceeding your expectation. Trust our Russian transcription service and you shall only expect an utmost level of aftermath only from us. So just drop us a line and we’ll discuss more it in detail.

    We always meet every deadline assigned by our customers to ensure that their project is never compromised. Our skilled and professional transcribers see to it that every project detail is executed in such a way that the actual message being conveyed is what is actually is. Not to mention that our outcome is always error-free and we accept all kinds of audio and video file formats depending on our preference.Surprisingly our Russian transcription service is reasonably affordable. So shall we say that what we offer is a cheap Russian transcription service? Yes, containing so much quality and with an accuracy that will sure to match the international business standards in transcription services.

    Aside from our affordable yet rich in quality and performance Russian transcription service, we also provide you with a call and chat support that is always at your service anytime and anywhere you may be. We accept bulk and super rush orders. A 5-minute free trial and lots and lots of discounts! Experience a first class Russian transcription service that only our company can offer.


    ✓ Pricing at $5/min
    ✓ 100+ World Languages
    ✓ Provide Notarization Certificate
    ✓ Supports all file formats
    ✓ Fast Turn around time

    Russian Audio Transcription

    Being one of the leading Russian audio transcription providers, we are proud to introduce to you our audio transcription. We make use of the latest state-of-the-art frame of reference along with expert transcriptionists in order to gratify your Russian audio transcription services needs.

    It is the process of converting a voice recording in an audio file format onto a type-written format making the audio file easier to understand. With the help of our cutting-edge technology, it enable us to deliver the accuracy and in-depth quality content only our Russian audio transcription can provide. This process is highly beneficial for company websites, blogs or individual web pages to increase traffic. Creating an increase in the visibility for online marketing or by just simply being able to capture in detail the important information you sometimes miss on the audio file content.

    With our most advanced level of technology, we get to serve more of the major and minor languages around the globe. Dominating? We are. Not to mention our friendly support team are always available 365 days a year just for you and they are available for US, UK, and Aussie services too.This is one of our ways of making your productive life more productive at such an economical rate. Set aside the worry of not being able to understand what the audio says, send that to us and we shall transcribe it in a manner that will awe you.

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    Accepted File Formats

    We accept and deliver file formats such as MOV, CD, MP2, MSV, MP3, DDS, CAF, DVD, FLV, AVI, WAV, M4A, WMA, MP4, PDF, DOC, GIF, PPT, XLS, AMR, AIFF/AIF, DVF, WMV, TIF/TIFF, CD, JPEG and more.

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