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100% Satisfaction guaranteed !! or get your Money back *


We price match quotes for you to experience the quality of our service *


Counseling Transcription

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"Honestly, of all the services I’ve ever used, Hourtrans has the best customer service. The agents worked with me in a very professional and helpful manner, even at 3 am in the morning, and got my footages transcribed in just two days, despite having many speakers and a very horrible audio quality. Thanks a lot to the team of transcription superheroes! You really did save the day! "

Lauren Schwartz

Counseling Transcription leads the pack in counseling transcription services providing practitioners in the domain of social work superior quality, value and worth. Access a vast anthology of transcribers honed in the transcription of social services materials for the highest degree of excellence.

Our platform takes seconds to place an order, followed by immediate project execution and expedited deliveries. Our team not only works through dictations such as patient reports and correspondences but also type up psychotherapy discussions, sessions and meetings using diverse styles like discourse analysis, intelligent word-for-word transcription and time-coded transcription.


✓ Starting at $0.10/min
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Transcription of Counseling Session

Using video or audio recordings to capture counseling sessions where the patient has consented allows you to assess and evaluate the progress at a certain juncture. Counselors who are held up by other tasks avoid the trouble of watching through protracted episodes or foraging bulk recordings as it’s labor-intensive. Hours trans provides accurate and cost-efficient counseling transcription services for your clients’ sessions and deliberations giving you better clarity and avoid duplicating erstwhile sittings.

Couples Counseling Transcript

Preparing a couples counseling transcript allows professionals to assess internal conflicts, oscillations in matrimonial relationships and root causes of existential problems. A consultation with couples’s takes a different dimension as one has to listen to two warring parties; transcripts capture the views of each partner. They assist a counselor in reconciling couples by studying the relationship in detail to find common ground and inculcate skills to quell potential conflicts.

Where the relationship has hit a deadlock, transcripts covering couples’ sessions allows them to carve out a clearer separation path and dispels venomous encounters afterwards. Counselors dissect recorded sessions with couples easily with the availability of a transcript as it captures narrations of the pattern of acrimony.

Marriage Counseling Transcripts

Creating a marriage counseling transcript calls for a cream of the crop transcriber seasoned in art and discipline as the task is highly sensitive and multifaceted. As spouses may be forced to result to a professional counselor at the height of conflicts ending up in termination of the relationship, the undertaking requires factual accuracy and flawlessness.

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