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Bulk Order Offer

File Length Pricing Currency
upto 20 hours $0.99/min USD
upto 50 hours $0.89/min USD
above 50 hours $0.79/min USD

Transcription Service Costs & Turnaround

Check out the pricing and turnaround details we have in-store for your transcription needs.

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Additional Services

Optionally, if you need time stamping and/or verbatim transcription, we charge minimal costs additionally.

Verbatim Transcription means word by word transcription including the fillers uhh, umm, ah, laughing sounds etc. We charge extra $0.25 per minute for the verbatim transcription.
Time stamping / Time coding
Time stamping refers to inserting the time in minutes and seconds into a transcript at regular intervals. It provides a marker of where in the audio or video the text is found. We charge extra $0.25 per minute for the time code transcription.

All Inclusive Special Services

We offer a full-service approach for transcription services, inclusive of the following special services.

Speaker Identification Free
File Type MP3,AVI, WAV, MOV, MP4, AIFF, and more
Length of the audio Unlimited

Language Transcription Rates

Note :

✓ For legal transcription,we charge a flat rate of $1.50/min

✓ Minimum Order Cost $30

✓ The Turn around time for performing files will start from the payment made time, not from the receipt of the recording.

✓ You will be charged 5% of transaction fee

Transcription Services Costs

We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified company providing services of very high quality at a genuine price which Flat rate at $0.99/min. We have passionate experts who give customized solutions with 98% accuracy and quick Turn around time.

Cost of online transcription services

We render supreme quality services at rates that are very affordable flat rate at 0.99$/min. The quality of our service has been verified by ISO 9001:2008. For the Best Transcription Services, upload your files here and get a free quote.To get our Best Transcription Services, Upload your files

The rates for Transcription services charged by Hour Trans is absolutely affordable to all clients. We are happy to offer our services at these low prices but nevertheless put equal emphasis on the quality and accuracy. Our transcription costs per hour are very reasonable and the best in the industry.

Charges for transcription services

We charge a reasonable price that flat rate at 0.99$/min for our certified transcription services. The charges would vary and go higher depending on the type of the project, the complexity, and the turnaround time. Whatever be the constraints, Hour Trans assures our esteemed clients the best of services, keeping in mind the crucial turnaround times of these projects. We give Notary and company certificates for our services. We also send the physical copy of the end product through mail.

Audio and video file formats

We accept and deliver various kinds of file formats including msv, AIFF/AIF, wav, caf, wma, dvf, flv, cd, Mp3, m4a, dvd, AVI, Mp4, amr, dds, mov, mp2, wmv, and more.

Other language services

We provide transcription services in more than 100 global languages including Thai, Mandarin, Australian, Tibetan, Yiddish, Cantonese, Serbo-Croatian, Turkish, Hebrew, American, Cherokee, Cambodian, Latin, and more.

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Audio Transcription Services $0.99 USD
Video Transcription Services $0.99 USD
Legal Transcription Services $0.99 USD