Sermon transcription

Sermon transcription is a new type of transcription that is required by churches, religious groups, congregations, and other spiritual-inclined individuals. Just like any other type of transcription, sermon transcription is the conversion of the audio recording of teachings, sermon or homily into written texts.

Generally speaking, a sermon is a speech which is based mainly from the Bible, Quran or other religious texts. This is delivered by clergies, priests, nuns, pastors, imams and other spiritual leaders.

The objective of sermon transcription is to reach a wider range of people and spread the words of God through modern methods. The transcripts derived from a sermon can be posted on a website or can be distributed when printed manually. In this changing and modern times, religious organizations should also keep up with technology to ensure religious teachings will stay relevant.

Why Churches Need to Use Sermon Transcription Services

The goal of churches is to spread religious teachings to many people as possible. This is not possible if they will stick to the traditional way of spreading the word of God. Sermon transcription services are one of the best ways to attract people to be closer to a particular religion.

There are many reasons why churches need to use sermon transcription services. A great way to reach more people to its congregation is to convert audio recording to written transcripts.

Sermon transcription can provide the hearing impaired an access to the sermon or teachings.

This is perhaps the most important reasons why sermon needs to be transcribed – to giving the hearing-impaired an access to the teachings. Based on the statistics of World Health Organization (WHO), there are approximately 400 million people in the world with hearing loss. This accounts to 5% of the total population of the world.

Sermon transcription also gives chance to religion members who are non-English speakers. Because of the way sermons are delivered, they need more time to understand and comprehend what is being said. This can be achieved if they have a transcription of the sermon. They will have more time to really internalize the sermon.

Transcripts are shareable and printable

Most people prefer to have a hardcopy of the sermon. Using sermon transcription services will enable religious group to distribute the contents of a sermon in Bible study sessions or Sunday school classes.

Sermon audio transcription

Most religious groups today have a website. By using sermon audio transcription, they can rank higher in search engines using transcripts. Audio files are still not searchable online and a transcript is the way to go to remedy this. Having your sermons transcribed through sermon audio transcription means there are more people who can access the sermon online.

Where to Get Digital Sermon Transcription

If you need the best quality of digital sermon transcription, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact our toll-free hotlines today or start a live chat with us. Whatever you need, we can help you spread the good news to your congregation.

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