outsourcing transcription service

Business organizations, corporate offices, administrative sections of healthcare, legal, research and media organizations need the transcripts of audio and video recordings of their activities for various reasons. They have to outsource this work to the professional people and the reasons are many.

  • The overall expenditure of outsourcing will be cost effective than doing it in-house.
  • Transcription is not just typing. It requires heavy concentration, high effort and prior experience along with team co-operation.
  • It needs a separate set up of technical requirements.

Professional transcription services receive the digital audio files uploaded through a secure line. At the same time, an email alert will get generated and will inform the arrival of new work. With the help of transcription software, they will test the audio; determine its length and quality and handover it to the transcriptionist for transcribing.

Instructions and preferences of the client regarding format, type of font selection will be provided to the transcriptionist with the actual work.  Then the proof read work will be done to check the accuracy and finally the transcript will be handed over to the client.

Apart from the other administrative work, the actual transcribing is a labor intensive work. The prices fixed by the transcription company, whether it is a cheap one or a costly one, is always a worthy one when compared with the heavy work load carried out by the staff.

Hour Trans is the leading company that charges cheap rates for outsourcing transcription services without compromising the quality.

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