Types of Transcription Services

Transcription: A trend in Various Disciplines

The knack of converting an audio file into a written text format “Transcription” as we know it, plays an important role in producing written recordings of various events. These events could be related to legal issues, business meetings, academic lectures, marketing surveys, podcasts, etc. Each field makes use of the transcribed scripts differently, to collect important data that will help fulfill objectives in their respective fields.

Types of Transcription

The way transcription is done can be categorized into three types depending upon the level of detail that is recorded. The types of transcription services required by a user can fall into any of these categories, and it must be identified before the transcription has begun.

The different types of transcription are

  •      Verbatim transcription: This type of transcription focuses on transcribing every single detail that is present in the audio file. The prolonged silence due to a gap in conversation, feelings expressed in the tone of voices, short exclamations, heated arguments, stutter and stammer, a deep breath taken and everyone talking all at once. Each tiny sound in the audio or video is captured and recorded by the transcriber. This kind of transcription is mostly preferred by legal advisers who make use of the data for court hearings and by market researchers to study a customer’s behavior. You can also use verbatim transcription if you want to quote a source.
  •      Edited transcription: This type of transcription is an edited version of verbatim transcription. The only conversation is recorded. Unwanted gaps, repetitions of sentences and unnecessary phrases such as ‘uhm’ are removed by the transcriber. This type of translation is preferred by businessmen who want documents to be translated and journalists looking for content to write. It is also favored by academic writers, researchers, and ghostwriters.
  •      Intelligent transcription: In this type of transcription, the transcriber should be able to identify which part of the conversation is useful and edit the text accordingly. They should be able to edit out half sentences, mumbles, and repetition. They make grammatical corrections to the sentences, whenever required. It is used while documenting conference proceedings in business and the medical field.

Some transcription services may provide special types of transcription in linguistics. The most common among them is the ‘Phonetics Transcription’. In this transcription, the transcriber considers the pronunciation of the narrator and transcribes the text based on it.

For a few words, the pronunciation may differ based on the native language of the speaker and this leads to different accents. The transcribed text will contain the exact details of the narrated audio, along with the stutters, repetitions and unwanted phrases. It also contains the phonetic transcription of words that are pronounced differently. This is normally done for linguists and clinical psychologists.

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