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Whatever may be the rates for post production transcription services, it provides lots of benefits for the production team to have several copies of the video transcripts with them. The word ‘post production’ here refers to the off line transcription work performed for all pre- recorded audio and videos.

By having these video transcripts, people can use it for reference purpose. They can post it in their blogs and in other article directories. They can collect these transcripts and publish an e-book. Further, video transcription helps in promoting video SEO and increase the popularity of the program among the audience.

For the Movie and Television production people, these transcripts help very much to reduce their work load. Having the transcripts of ‘raw video’ version, they can pin point the problematic areas by marking the place with the time stamps in the transcripts using proper remarks.

This is a great ‘time saver’ for both the post production team.  In addition, they can send these transcripts for captioning or subtitling the videos, which has become a compulsion nowadays.

The value of the transcripts is incomparable with the rates charged for the work by the transcription companies.  However, the rates of Hour Trans Company for the post production transcription services are much affordable.

Though they have a standard rate pattern, they are flexible with their rate fixing since they know each project has its own pros and cons that include many factors. At the same time, the quality they provide is the top most one, constantly earning repeated clients for the company.

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