Online transcription service is having a great demand in the market. Many companies are organizing this service for people willing to avail the same. But, does all provide confidential transcription service? With Hour Trans, it becomes quite easy to get confidential transcription services.

The organization can easily transcribe both digital recordings as well as audio which provide efficient as well as cost effective solutions to every business needs. You will be able to get confidential transcript service starting from legal documentation, medical reports, and research interviews to that of the private individuals.

Over here you can also get the transcription of seminars, conference calls, discussions, travel diary notes, lectures etc. You can send the file to be transcribed through an email to Hour Trans and get it done in some time. It will be possible to get the transcribed file in a perfect order in your email address.

You just need to provide your email address to the representatives of the company so that they can easily get the things perfectly done. If you want the confidential recording in your hand, the file can be sent to you in the form of DVD to the prescribed address through the postal service or courier service.

The required turnaround time will be assessed and will be sent to you accordingly. You can also upload your files to reach to the company in some shared audio sites. You can also get the templates according to your choice. The service and pricing will be customized with quality.

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