Among the plethora of transcription companies, only few service providers provide the most confidential transcription services to their clients by following various methods keeping the clients data safe and secure. Internet transcription services have to follow several methods to protect data from unnecessary exposure.

Right from the starting of file transfer mechanism to having in-house access by employees, the data of clients are dealt in utmost secured manner. Normally people send their data through emails and File Transfer Protocol.

Both these methods are and very safe. Content cannot be treated as confidential in these methods since they pass through many servers and there is the possibility of people accessing the data at several stages. However, both these methods can be made safe by encryption.

Professional transcription people use web browser secure file transfer. They will have direct HTTPS access to their own servers that is provide with Secure Socket Layers. Clients can be relaxed that their content will be safely received by the transcription companies.

Hours Trans is the internet transcription services providing high confidentiality to their clients. They have their dedicated own server so that they need not share their data with others.

Professional transcriptionists and other staff who work in this company have signed confidential agreement to keep the data of clients confidential. Moreover, the administrative setup is such that the files and audio content of clients cannot be easily retrieved by all. Only after getting proper permission they can take the files for transcription.

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