Benefits & Importance of Interview Transcription Services

The Prominence Of Interview Transcription Services

Wondering why you would need an interview transcription service for your company? Before answering this question, let’s look at the definition of the interview transcript. We all know what a transcript is, well, what about an interview transcript. The name says it all. It is the process of transcribing the conversation between two or more people involved in an interview/discussion. This is either done in real-time or from an audio-visual document. Interviews are of various types such as an interview with a celebrity, interview for job recruitment, interview for qualitative research, etc.

What is Interview Transcription?

Interview Transcription is the process of making a written transcript of a recorded audio/video interview between two or more people. It should be done without compromising accuracy. This transcription method is very effective to find an overview of information in a written document form compared to an audio or video file to play and replay the tape or recording previously.

No matter what interview type you have, it’s highly beneficial to hire a professional interview transcription company to ensure top-notch quality and highest accuracy. Such companies will have an in-house team of transcriptionists who will be following great interview transcription tips for a high-quality transcript. Some of the sectors that would benefit from interview transcription services will be journalism/media field, human resources (recruitment), law and investigation, academics, etc. For instance, an interview transcript streamlines the interview process, thereby helping the HR person to hire the apt person for the organization. In the field of journalism, sometimes the journalist needs to recall vital information from an interview clip. With the availability of a transcript, it becomes handy to spot the details, without spending a copious amount of time for the same.

4 Essential Reasons To Transcribe Your Interview

Still not convinced to hire an interview transcription company? Don’t worry, we still got more valid points to uphold the importance of interview transcription. Listed below are some of the major reasons why you would need to transcribe your interviews:

  • Improved productivity by saving time: Imagine a research fellow playing an audio clip over and over in search of vital information. It’s a complete waste of energy and time. Whereas, with the help of a research interview transcript, you can easily locate the data you need. All you have to do is Ctrl+F! Besides you can spend your valuable time on qualitative research. Nowadays, almost all professional online transcription service agencies will offer research interview transcription services. 
  • Ensures Accuracy of the content: We are all aware of the fact that human memory can fail at times. It is difficult to recall all the details being shared in an interview. However, a transcript, on the other hand, will have accurate information as it is the direct conversion of the spoken word into text. 
  • Easy to share: There are times where you would want to share interviews with your colleagues or someone who needs to refer to it. In such cases, it is difficult to share recorded interviews. But you can easily share interview transcripts to any number of people as the file size will be much smaller when compared to audio/video.
  • Acts as a great reassessing tool: It is always good to review your content (interview questions) before you make grave mistakes. An accurate interview transcript helps you to self-analyze your techniques as an interviewer. Since reading involves a lot of mental attention, the interview transcript will help you to locate even minor errors.

Which Transcription Company to Choose for Interview Transcription?

Now that you are ready to invest in a professional interview transcription agency, you should have a well-defined idea of how to opt for the right one. Enquire about these following points before you finalize your transcription company.

  • Interview transcription services cost should suit your budget
  • Maintains stringent quality measures and assures high rate of accuracy
  • Good reputation and positive customer feedback
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Secure payment mode

Planning to transcribe your interview? Get started with the interview transcription services by the world’s largest language service provider. With the support of Hour trans, transcribing your interview will no longer be a tedious task. Get in touch with our team to know more about our services.

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